YOUR EDWARDS TEAM IS YET REAL ESTATE Josh Welcome to YET Real Estate where our superior customer service and experience will make your home buying or selling process faster and easier than ever!

It is my pleasure to introduce you to our team and the support staff 
that is always here to help you with any and all questions:

 Josh Scott

I am an experienced home rehabber. That’s how I got into the business. 
What that experience has provided me is the ability to find good value 
priced properties for investors or buyers.  “ I am casual, but not about 
Real Estate.” I am hands on when it comes to the home selling and buying 
process. My clients always come first with our team. We try to provide all 
of our clients with as much information as possible on a decision. That way you can 
feel confident in making that decision and not regret it later.  We also try to make 
people aware of the market, and how it will affect their ability to buy and sell.



Our Team is known for:



Honesty and integrity.

Marketing that is cutting edge.

Knowledge and training that ensures you great value.

Top rated partners in the industry.

We help with Buying and Selling Real Estate in these and the surrounding areas of:

  Kansas City Mo.

  Blue Springs Mo.

Lee's Summit Mo.

Grain Valley Mo.

Oak Grove Mo.

Odessa Mo.