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Here are a few kind words from a past client

To Whom It May Concern:
My name is Pam C. and I would like to share my experience with Mary R. Edwards as our realtor. My husband and I had to move out of state for work and needed to sell our home that we had been in for only two years. The home market was really poor and our first realtor was not doing anything to really stimulate the sale of our home. So we switched to Mary as our realtor after 6 months and we are so glad we did.

Right away Mary suggested that we try for a short sale. We didn’t have much equity built up and the home values had dropped dramatically in the two years since we bought the home. I did not know anything about a short sale. So Mary met with me and explained how it all worked. She said it would be a long process and a lot of work, but that it might be our best shot for selling without a huge loss. Mary got to work right away by contacting our mortgage company and getting the approval process and paperwork started. She spent numerous hours on the phone and emailing back and forth to get everything in place. Even before we had an offer, she knew from previous experience that having the paperwork filed ahead of time would be to our benefit. We were able to get an approval from the mortgage company to pursue a short sale. Mary advertised in numerous markets and websites that we were looking for a short sale and we priced the home at a value way below what we owed on it so that it would sell.

When we finally got an offer on the home, Mary worked tirelessly to re-file all of the new paperwork. Normally approval for a short sale will take about 90 days once you receive an offer. But since Mary had done so much of the paperwork ahead of time, we got approval within 30 days and had closed within 45. And the best part, we were able to walk away from our home without losing a single dollar! Our home sold at about $85,000 less than what we owed on it, and thanks to Mary, the mortgage company accepted the loss and even paid her realtor fees.

We can’t thank Mary enough for being so pro-active. She explained the process very thoroughly so that we felt comfortable and confident moving forward. And as a side note, she also went above and beyond in other ways as well. She went to our home on two different occasions to let the propane company in after our pilot light went out. And with the horrific winter we had, she also stopped in to check on the house (on her own, without us asking) and caught a pipe that had burst. We had only minimal damage instead of a huge disaster because she was thinking of the big picture and knew that we weren’t around to keep an eye on things!!!

She is our hero!!"